Student-Athlete Argument

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Register to read the introduction… They have to do something for the team everyday whether it’s watching film, practicing, or lifting weights. They only get free education for playing that sport. But an average college student gets time to study and also can get a job if he or she wants to. For a student-athlete, that person does not have the time to get a job. “The term student-athlete is meant to conjure the nobility of scholarship over athletic endeavor. But the origins of the ‘student-athlete’ lie not in a disinterested ideal but in a sophistic formulation designed to help the NCAA fight against workmen’s compensation insurance claims for injured football players” (Branch). That says that the word student- athlete was created to help the universities to fight off claims from injured football …show more content…
They do everything they can to the best of their ability and are getting nothing but a free education (if you can call it that) out of it while the university they attend is stealing their name and ability for their own gain. I believe what theses universities are doing to these men and women of college athletics is wrong. People need to stop believing that getting a free education is a good enough reward for these athletes. I want them to open their eyes to what troubles they have on and off the field, and to also see how the colleges are taking advantage of all the work the student-athletes are putting into the university. The university needs to provide these athletes with the proper things they need to make the everyday college life a little easier, even if it is giving them a few dollars here and there to help pay for items that they need. Give the student-athletes money for what they have worked so hard for because they have earned every penny of it.

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