Student Affairs Division Case Study

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The success of an institution of higher education is measured by the success of their students. The success of the students is also a direct reflection of the success of the student affairs division. Student affairs professionals are responsible for providing the resources necessary for students to perform to their best abilities and guiding them in positive development as college students and individuals. This requires a student affairs division to have the proper departments to handle the different needs of a student. Institutions of different size and Carnegie classification will have different needs that need to be met for their students. This means there will be different departments on campus. Funding and budgets can also determine the …show more content…
Directly under the Vice President are two Dean’s, two Directors, and the Registrar. I will start with the Dean of Students. This position is in charge of the several different student service grant programs that are housed in the college. These are grant programs such as Trio Student Support Services, Trio Educational Talent Search, and Career Pathways. Each of these grant programs also have their own program coordinators/directors and counselors. The Dean of Students also presides over the Director of the Career Services program as well. The second Dean mentioned is the Dean of Enrollment Services. This department contains positions such as student affairs generalist, two enrollment counselors, student affairs specialist-student life, and the campus nurse/student center manager. Along with enrollment services, there is a Director of Financial Aid. This department houses the positions of information systems analyst, two financial aid analysts, and the VA (veterans) coordinator. Enrollment services and financial aid also share a fiscal support specialist, pointing out that lack of funds sometimes prevent departments from being staffed as they would like. After these three departments, there is also a Director for Administrative Support Services and the office of the Registrar and Assistant …show more content…
As mentioned previously, federal programs such as TRIO are very important to have in a student affairs division. While some of these programs are not designated to only one institution, a large portion of their clients are students at their home institution, such as Henderson State. They are able to help their students with things such as financial aid and admissions paperwork, career counseling, tutoring, and advising. This allows other departments to spend more time with students who are ineligible for the grant programs without cutting into more state funding. Career development centers are also very important to any institution. The purpose of higher education, no matter the level, is to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to gain employment and be successful later in life. Many institutions will share their employment placement rates to express their success as an institution. Students need to be taught how to search for jobs, write resumes, interview, and how to maintain a job. Student organizations is also an important part of student affairs. While two-year institutions may not have many Greek organizations or just a high number of student organizations, they are still important. It allows students to be involved in something bigger than themselves and learn to work among other students with similar interests. This is an important part of

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