Struggles Of Knowledge And Power Of Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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Struggles of Knowledge and Power in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury was a revolutionary author who used his books to explore the controversies and the troubles faced at the time. His book, Fahrenheit 451, was written in the postwar era of McCarthyism and wish for peace after the atrocities of the Second World War. His work looked at the relationship between knowledge and power. In the book, the powerful government takes control over the people through censorship of information to force them towards peace. This struggle is best shown throughout the story with the main character, Guy Montag. He was one of the men in the government responsible to destroy books, houses, and to turn in people who had information that could cause disagreements. Though as the story progresses, he meets himself and those who supply him with knowledge, and that forces him to question the power he was given and the destruction he is causing. Bradbury uses Guy’s struggles internally, against his wife, against his boss, and against his society to illustrate the struggle between knowledge and power. Multiple times throughout the book Guy struggles internally with how he interprets knowledge and the world around him. The largest internal struggle would be between him and his senses. This illustrated largely by his emotional and sensual awakening to his surroundings. He began to feel the other people and connect with the others (Lee 2). The idea of knowledge allowed him to…

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