Struggles In The Civil Rights Movement

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The first descendants of black people experienced much hardship. Thousands of Africans were taken from their homeland, bound in chains, suffered through deplorable conditions as they traveled on a ship and were forced to work 12 hours a day, everyday until the day they died. Once slavery ended in 1865, black people had the opportunity to create a life for themselves. Slavery had ended, but the struggles of being black were far from finished. Despite the tremendous adversity faced from the end of slavery to the climax of the civil rights movement, black people continued to progress in society and fought for many of the rights held today by black people. Over the last 50 years a massive shift in the placement of black people in our country has …show more content…
The marchers were attacked with whips, cattle prods, chains, and rubber tubing that had been wrapped with barbed wire. On what became known as "Bloody Sunday," 50 civil rights marchers were hospitalized. (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 75) Bloody Sunday was a tragic event and a turning point in the lives of black Americans. At this point segregation was still running rampant in the deep south and black people did not have the right to vote. Just 50 years ago black people were not only seen as less than, but were treated as such by most of the country. Since blacks had earned the right to vote and public places desegregated the impact they have had has been

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