Struggles In Night

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In the book Night by Elie Wiesel we see the struggles many people faced during the Holocaust. Many people experienced very similar struggles that they all can relate to. The article Proudly Bearing Elders’ Scars, Their Skin Says ‘ Never Forget’ by Jodi Rudoren, we see relatively the same things that happened to Elie while he was in concentration camps, from other people's experiences. Mr. Nachshon also faced many tragic things like Elie did. “ I didn’t know that this was the moment in time and the place where I was leaving my mother and Tzipora forever” (Wiesel 29). That was a realization for Elie that he would never see him again, also in the documentary we watched with Elie and Oprah they had mentioned the gas chambers, and the possibility that that is how Elie’s mom and sister had died. The losses people had faced because of this genocide caused by power, is unimaginable. Elie experienced very traumatic events through his torture of almost a year. “ It was my turn. I ran without looking back. My head was …show more content…
Nachshon also lost important people in his life and all the running he had to participate in. “‘I dream every night about it,’ Mr. Nachshon said as he told his Holocaust story, which includes several months at Birkenau, where his mother and sister were killed in the gas chambers” (Rudoren). He also faced treacherous things like Elie had. “ ‘Many times we’re running away from the Germans. Sometimes the whole night I was running. Maybe this time they won’t catch me’” (Rudoren). The hours they spent running a day was wild. He shares the same experiences that Elie had faced.
Although Elie and Nachshon are not the same person, they seem to be. They have gone through hell and they are not alone. The experiences that they had gone through was long and exhausting, but they got out of it and they are still standing strong. These events have caused many people to share their stories and that some people can closely relate to them like Elie and

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