Defense Mechanisms In School: Personal Narrative Analysis

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I used quiet a few defense mechanisms when I was younger because of my struggle with my dyslexia. The school environment at Stilwell Elementary was very stressful for me because I wasn’t getting the help I needed at the time. My anxiety got so bad that the palms of my hands were sweaty pretty much all the time. So the use of defense mechanisms has helped me get through that more stressful parts of my life. I use to get anxious just at the though of having to go to school. Since I lacked in the ability to read and write properly at the time, I used compensation. I would try to empress my art teacher, I would draw something new in my sketch book pretty much everyday and it made me really happy when someone told me that they liked my drawing. …show more content…
I can get kind off nervous and awkward when talking to a new person, especially if I am the one who has to initiate the conversation. I guess even though I have become better at accepting the rejection of friendship I still want to try to avoid the same feelings that I felt in Stilwell Elementary. Once I went back to public school during my junior year of high school after being homeschooled and doing K12 online schooling I found it difficult to make new friends. However I did make two really good friends and one of them now attends JCCC with me and we get to spend a lot of time together. I have also have made a few new friends during some of my classes at JCCC. While this defense mechanism has helped me choose friends more wisely, I don’t really feel like I need to use emotional insulation anymore, but it is still kind of a habit of mine to be more cautious and shy away from being social with new people. I think my ego is worried about being put in the same situation that I had while at Stilwell. As I expose myself to social situations I get better at becoming more confident at making

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