Macbeth Struggle For Satisfaction Analysis

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Throughout the play “Macbeth”, there is a constant struggle for satisfaction. While dealing with the internal struggle between his morals and his thirst for power, is the representation of humanity’s constant struggle for gratification, as well as my own. Though he attempts to attain his goals, he ends up losing more than he ever gains. This struggle for satisfaction eventually leads to his death, as well as the deaths of almost everyone around him. I also struggle with satisfaction, believing that once I achieve the next best thing I will be satisfied. This never ends up happening and I am always left feeling inadequate and unhappy with my situation, even when I am in a good place, simply because I want better than what I have. It never positively …show more content…
As a young boy the only thing I ever wanted was a big trophy. I believed that once I achieved it I would be satisfied. I won my first championship in baseball when I was seven and I was absolutely stoked. It was pretty much all I talked about for the first few months following the win, but soon it seemed just a faint memory. The only thing I thought about was next year. I thought that maybe, just maybe after winning back to back I would be satisfied. Well, I won the next year and it seemed even less exciting than the last one. Sure I was happy, but it was nothing close to what I expected. After five years of playing at Sandy Springs Youth Sports I won five championship games. I was the first person to ever do that in the history of the park, yet it seemed almost depressing. It was as if I finally started to realize that there was nothing really out there that could live up to my expectations. Baseball is the first thing I think of when I hear the word satisfaction, but it definitely is not the only thing. Like Macbeth I also struggle with belongings. I always want the bigger, better thing and almost always am disappointed. For example, I saved up for a G-Shock a couple years back and eventually purchased it at Macys. I wore it everywhere and absolutely loved it. But after several months all I wanted was another. Looking back on it, it seems ridiculous yet I do it everyday without notice.

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