Structure Of Ziggurat

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1.Ziggurat also known as The Great Ziggurat of Ur is measured 64210 ft in length, 148 ft wide and is 98 ft high. Its official creation is estimated to be around 21 century BCE. The location is in Tell el-Muqayyar, Dhi Qar Province, Iraq and the medium which was used is mud-bricks with mud being used to bind it together The pyramid I will choose is the one known as Khufu 's Horizon or Pyramid of Khufu. The structure is 455 ft high and possesses a base of 756 ft. Its creation is said to be around 2580-2560 BC. while its location is bordered on El Giza, Egypt. The medium used in its making is limestone 2.The Great Ziggurat of Ur and Pyramid of Khufu share the same geometric shape of a pyramid but differ in the style. The color of the Pyramid of Khufu is beige while The …show more content…
Both structure share the same general shape and have similar coloration. The Great Ziggurate and Pyramid of Khufu retain the shape of a pyramid with the Pyramid of Khufu being regarded as a true pyramid and The Great Ziggurat using the shape of pyramid at its base with the higher areas having a more rectangular and square shape. The colors used in both structures are very similar which may be due to both being in the same parts of the world and being in located in deserts 5. The elements of art I see in Ziggurat are line and form with form being its winning attribute. The straightness and alignment of Ziggurat gives the structure gives the structure an aesthetic appeal. The form allows it to house levels which vary in shape,viewpoints, and openness. The form present in Ziggurat also allows pattern to arise where with each ascending level comes another variation in

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