Essay Structure Of Leadership Of The Church

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This week Scott Myers came and spoke to our class about structures of leadership in the church. He has been at his position at McFarlan United Methodist Church for 22 years. That is one of the longest terms anyone has spent as a youth minister in one place. Since, he has been there for 22 years he has seen the church go through several different pastors and has seen the church change and grow as a ministry. In his talk today he discussed the different leaderships that he has worked under not only at McFarlan but at other churches as well. Since he is the youth minister, he is working as the second chair leader in these positions so he did not get to decide the type of leadership styles that the church worked under. I find that this is very helpful information because often times we view ourselves as leaders, and tend to forget that there is someone above us who is leading the way as well. One of the ways that he showed us was the corporate way of leadership. Scott says that he currently works under this style of leadership. In this style Scott does not report to the Sr. pastor directly but to someone bellow her who reports to her. I can see this working for big churches that have a lot of staff people, but not with churches that have a very small amount of staff people. One of the issues that I see with this model is that the youth director cannot decide anything that happens in the program that they are leading. Scott made it seem like he has no control over what…

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