Structure Of A Relationship Between Different Groups Of People

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ocial structure is seen as a relationship between different groups of people. These structures of people each plays a role. There are different functions within each of the roles that people play within this structure. Some of these roles are socioeconomic, meaning that some people are wealthy, middle –class, or are considered poor. There also may be an owner of a company, the Supervisor of the employees for that company and the employees themselves, for that same company. Each of these are roles that are within this social structure. The same would be true of the hierarchy of a family. There are, in some cases, Grandparents, Parents, children, and grandchildren. Although this may not be true for every household or familial situation, it is most likely that this would be the case. Family structure is beneficial in defining who we are as people where we came from, and what position in society we may/may not hold.

The familial structure that I had as a child, was a mother, step-father and two half-sisters. I never knew my biological father until I was 13 years old. Even then, it was only through phone calls that I started to talk with him and get to know about him and his life. My maternal grandparents lived in the last house on the road. It is there that I would spend the majority of my days and weekends, with them or my Uncle Stan. They had animals that were raised for food and pleasure. My horse was one that was stabled there. My mother’s brother, my Uncle, lived in an…

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