Structure And Functions Of The Mycorrhizal Fungi Essay

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mycorrhizal fungi in new ecosystems
Increased flourishing of the markets, world trade, tourism expansion, export and import as well as accidental introduction of new plant species along with their mycorrhizal fungi has an ability to act as a threat to the habitats and biodiversity (Wyatt et al., 2014). It may encourage ecosystem degradation at scales of varied sizes. Invasiveness of alien species may potentially impact the mycorrhizal community and structure and functions of the environment in different ways (Manzoor, 2014). The successful adaptation of mycorrhizal fungi can face a number of challenges that may prevent it from settling down and carry out their functions. The factors that may act as a barrier were critically analysed in a range of researches and the cost and benefits were evaluated too.
In terms of the positive functions of the mycorrhizal fungi, a major threat is represented by shifting their effects into negative ones. The negative effect may be most threatening if the fungi becomes parasitic and loses its mutualistic benefits it had on the local flora (Bethlenfalvay, 1983). Management of such issues may be a challenge and therefore it represents a threat to viable establishment of the alien mycorrhizal fungi into the ecosystem.
Although this shift into parasitism depends on the stage of invasion and the extent of it, it can have detrimental effects. Suppression of native species may result in invasive species succession and expansion of their mycorrhizal…

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