Essay on Structure And Function Of The Pantheon And The Parthenon

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INTRODUCTION This particular task focuses in comparing and differentiating the style and function of the Pantheon and the Parthenon. As an introduction, in general, I wanted to gain an understanding go how architectural styles and the manner in which buildings’ characteristics and features are planned, designed, and constructed. Additionally, as I worked on this assignment I gained an understanding of role other elements of architectural style include play, such as the building materials, forming elements, methodology of construction, and of course the location in which a building is erected for political, social, economic, and/or militarily strategic reasons, among others.
CONSIDER HOW THE STYLE AND FUNCTION OF EACH BUILDING SERVES AS A TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF ITS CULTURE Insofar as the style of these two incredible buildings (Parthenon and Pantheon), they fall under the Greek architectural style. By my calculations, for approximately two thousand two hundred years, these two ancient giants of Greek architecture have influenced the mind, imagination, and the inspiration of many generations of builders--and their cultures--who have built parallel structures, in beauty and greatness, to that of the Parthenon and the Pantheon.
From ancient times, one of the primary reasons for the inclusion of “style” in buildings of the caliber of the Pantheon and the Parthenon was the systematic and comprehensive approach to integrating unique characteristic features that made structures…

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