Structuralism And Its Impact On Modern Practices Essay

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There are six separate schools under the umbrella that is the science of psychology. They are known as Structuralism, Functionalism, Psychodynamic, Behaviorism, Cognitive, and Social-cultural. Each school has made its impact on modern practices and has contributed different ideas, theories, and trains of thought. As modern psychology continues to evolve it is important to acknowledge the influences each of these schools have had.

The first school of psychology was known as Structuralism and it was pioneered by Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig Germany in the 1800’s. It focused on classifying basic “structures” or elements of all psychological experiences. Structuralism was inspired by the recently invented periodic table which organized all known elements. Edward Bradford Titchener was another well-known structuralist who boasts to have discovered over 40,000 different sensations. He had subjects participate in experiments where they were asked to record what they experienced while performing mental tasks, such as reading or hearing a noise, in extreme detail. This was called “introspection”. Structuralism is known for its particularly detailed and scientific approach to the study of psychology. The experiments conducted in this school of thought were responsible for discovering that there was a delay between when a subject experienced the sensation of a stimulus and when they perceived it. This was the beginning of the study of reaction time which has become routine in…

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