Essay about Structural Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Structural violence occurs when social institutions cause harm to people by way of preventing them from meeting their basic human needs through institutionalized inequalities. Farmer outlines that there is a “strong association with poverty and social inequalities to an understanding of how such inequalities are embodied as differential risk for infection and among those already infected, for adverse outcomes including death.” In other words An Anthropology of Structural Violence, sets out to show how structural violence in Haiti, borne out of the racism of the transatlantic slave trade, has been a significant agent in furthering the progression of HIV and tuberculosis in Haiti as well as other postcolonial countries. Farmer uses structural violence to exemplify the need “…for resituating ethnography in the history and perversity of global systems of power and domination.” But he wants this not to been done in the normal sense of focusing strictly on the poor and instead wants there to be a larger look taken at the structural systems that created and perpetuate the lives endured by the least well off.
Structural violence as is outlined by Farmer can be applied to the case study analysis by Bond and Simpson on Zambia in which traditional healers gain popularity between the 1990s and 2005 because “poorer Zambians… unable to access the medical attention they needed in public health institutions, and unable to afford private care” turn to traditional healers who are more…

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