Essay about Structural Violence And Its Effects On African Americans

914 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Structural Violence has been the main topic of this course “Cooperation and Conflict”. Structural Violence is basically the legal and systematic oppression of a particular group of people, whether it be a race, religion or a sexuality. Structural violence also has a slow violence side effect to it where it can oppress generations at a time. Specifically in America, Structural violence has a stronghold on African Americans in terms of education, law, and finance just to name a few. We are very slowly making progress to combat this structural violence, but one question that we have combatted for hundreds of years is: What is the most effective way to combat Structural Violence? Will it ever be solved? Though the answer to this question is unknown, there are people in different organizations around the country working everyday attempt to make chips at this huge iceberg. This class has opened up our eyes to certain things that are wrong in the world and challenged us to not just turn away and not concern ourselves, but to challenge what is wrong and get out and search for answers. We are challenged to become engaged citizens in this class through community service and enlightening ourselves with reading and listening to our peers. In my opinion, one important way of many to combat Structural Violence is to become engaged citizens through leadership, community work, and valuing the quality of life for all people. If we as UA students just stay cocooned inside of our little campus…

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