Essay on Structural Social Work And An Aboriginal Perspective

1369 Words Nov 12th, 2015 6 Pages
Structural social work is concerned with the broad socio-economic and political dimensions of society and the impact of these systems in creating social problems. This approach concerns itself with how the dominant and/or majority group define and constrain the minority, arguing that individual failings arise from specific societal context. Its primary goal, therefore, is to reduce social inequality through the transformation of oppressive structures and the emancipation of those who have been oppressed. However, the structural social work model falls short in inclusivity of minority groups. In order to aid in structural social work’s fight for equality, June Ying Yee introduces anti-racism praxis in her article, “Critical Anti-Racism Praxis: The Concept of Whiteness Implicated”, as well, Cyndy Baskin introduces an Aboriginal perspective in structural social work in her article, “Structural Social Work as Seen from an Aboriginal perspective”. For this reason, this essay will argue that the application of the anti-racism practice and an Aboriginal perspective will enhance the effectiveness of structural social work in overcoming structural systems that perpetuate oppression for minorities.
June Ying Yee’s paper discusses the ways in which racism has been theoretically understood and provides a plan to carry out critical anti-racism praxis in structural social work to combat racism. Anti-racism work highlights the importance of focusing on structural aspects of inequality, as…

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