Structural Relationships Of Romans 8 Essay

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Structural Relationships of Romans 8:1-17

Structural Relationships:

Recurrence: “Law” Language

Law of the Spirit of life in Christ (v 2)/ Law of sin and death (v 2)/ Law (v 3)/ Just requirement of the Law (v 4)/ God”s Law (v 7)
Paul makes it clear that the the good news is still supported by law; it is not an anarchical system where people can do whatever they want, and God acts arbitrarily. Once the Jew relied upon the written law of Moses, Paul shows here that there is still law, it just looks different than what was originally thought.

Recurrence: “Spirit” Language

Life in accord with the spirit (vv 4, 5, 10)/ Mind in accord with the spirit (v 6)/ Being in the spirit (v 9)/ Spirit in us (v 11)/ Actions we perform by the spirit/led by the spirit (vv 13, 14, 16)/ Spirit received (v 15)
This recurrence begins to show the multifaceted way in which the spiritual life manifests itself and is made manifest.

Recurrence: Flesh

Law weakened by flesh (v 3)/ sin in the flesh (v 3)/ likeness of sinful flesh (v 3)/ walk/live according to the flesh (vv 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13)/ Not a debtor to flesh (v 12)
This recurrence shows the weakness and inadequacy of the flesh and anything that relies on it.

Recurrence: Mind

Vv 5 (2x). 6 (2x), 7
This language suggests a large role for our minds in where we are at spiritually. Where are minds are at, then, is shown here to be a big indicator of our spiritual state (or lack of).

Recurrence: “life/live” Language

Life/live (vv 5 (2x),…

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