Structural Point Of View On Structural Family Therapy Essay

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Structural Point of View
Structural family therapy focuses on the overall interactions of the family. The therapy tends to be long-term and the person with the power is the family member who has the most influence. From a structural point of view, the therapist would begin to establish a therapeutic relationship by greeting and making contact with Kay, Brenda and Renee. The therapist would introduce his/her-self stating her title and any other important information about the his/her-self and family counseling. The therapist would join with the family by utilizing a series of techniques. One useful technique is mimesis. In this case, the therapist can adopt terms and phrases that the family uses to build rapport and demonstrate an understanding of their disclosure. For example, the therapist may use terms such as hostile, strained, or shakes, these are terms spoken by member of the family. The therapist may also use confirmation; he/she may reflect on Renee’s behaviors during the session. For instance, if Renee tends to be often quiet during the session, the therapist may join by stating, “I see that you are often quiet during sessions; I got a feeling that you are often quiet when your family has issues.” Joining with the family is an ongoing process, it enhances the counseling relationship and process.
The therapist would begin to assess the family’s boundaries, subsystems, roles, and rules. In this family’s case, Brenda and Kay’s relationship demonstrates ridged…

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