Structural Functionalist Theory : Structural Functionalism Essay

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The Structural Functionalist Theory
Structural-functional was very influential in sociology in the 1930s. The theory was from the idea of French philosopher Emile Durkheim, who describe “society as an organism, and within an organism, each component plays a necessary part, but none can function alone, and one experiences a crisis or fails, other parts must adept to fill the void in some way” (, 2016). There were also other theorist such as Herbert Spencer, Talcott Parsons, and Robert Merton who also believed that society’s way of life is to have stability and harmony, which describe how structural functionalism works. One theory is functionalism, which emphasizes on the function of social structure. Structuralism is another theory that focuses mainly on the structure rather than role. This theory looks at society as a macro-level of society, which shape society as a whole through social structure. The theory describes social systems, such as family, government, and institution, which contain members that play a role in stability and consistency in their particular system. Large institutions that focus on improving the society, such as the political or education system help influence the path and growth of our lives. Robert Merton stated that “any large group enough to be a social institution is included in Structural Functionalist thinking, from religious denominations to sport clubs and everything in between” (Wikibooksorg. 2016). Structural-functional is similar…

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