Structural Functionalism And The Educational Classroom Essay examples

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Structural Functionalism There are many advantages to the structural functionalism in our US educational system. The primary goal is to provide an academic education to the citizens of society. However, so much more is gained from an organized academic educational environment. At an early age young students experience and interactively learn socialization. The academic educational classroom environment is the base for a stable pattern for social behavior. During the closeness in the classroom a sense of solidarity is soon achieved. Once the young students become a little older social placement is thrown in the wake up call of life that can in certain circumstances fall into a disadvantage category. The US educational system is a wonderful mix that allows the citizens of society to learn both academics and social skills. Academics and social skills can go together like a well-mixed salad, and making the individual a well-rounded person. Culture is a part of society that is there, kind of like the salad dressing, and hopefully provides some happiness in the mix. Structural functionalism is going to lean towards the leaders and stronger students; however the more challenged students also play an important role in structural functionalism and society. Every rank in society must work together as a unified whole. Academic education generally takes place in a classroom at school, and is governed by state and federal agencies. The schools have a leader…

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