Structural Family Therapy And Its Effects On Families Essay

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In our society, families are the foundation of all human relationships. Therefore learning to maintain and develop healthy families are the goals of family therapists. Therapists can use the structural family therapy approach in counseling hurting families. Structural family therapists attempt to uncover stressors in relationship between individuals within the family and work out issues between individuals and the other members in the family (Vetere, 2001). Structural family therapy has also been called “interventive approach” because of the “intensity” to encourage clients to change (Hammond & Nichols, 2008). Structure therapy states that psychopathology is preserved and created not through individual pathology but through deficit in a family’s organizational structure (Hammond & Nichols, 2008). Moreover, the foundational approach to structural family therapy, are that families’ are views as psychosocial systems, attached within social systems, which operates in a transactional pattern (Hammond & Nichols, 2008). From this structural point of view with a large family, such as the one in the video, the family seems both enmeshed and disengaged, leaving the therapist to help appropriately align the family if possible while encouraging self change by each individual in a positive yet aggressive manner.

Due to the families enmeshed and disengaged structure Dr. Bitter is attempting to get to the root of the problems within the families dynamic. Enmeshment is a description of a…

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