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Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis of Mexican Food Express

Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis of Mexican Food Express
Mexican Food Express is one of the most important components under the Yum Brands umbrella of operation. By providing a Mexican inspired cuisine at budget prices, the Mexican Food Express brand has established a worldwide presence on 5 continents. This SWOTT analysis shows the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends that will impact the company in the future. With promising growth prospects in emerging markets, the company has implemented an aggressive plan to establish a dominating fast food throughout the world. This strategy
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Beef slaughter in the country is highly regulated, with each Indian state having its own specific guidelines (USDA 2012). Because Mexican Food Express products are heavily reliant on beef, they must adhere closely to laws in this spectrum Any major violations could create a major backlash to the brand to that could prevent future growth in the country.

Supply Chain Operations

Maintaining a consistent product is key to building customer loyalty for Mexican Food Express. Customers expect to purchase an identical product each time they visit the restaurant. In order to make this possible, the company has a sophisticated supply chain network in place to ensure every location is fully stocked with supplies. This feat is achieved by utilizing regional distribution networks that supply franchise owners with the proper food ingredients, marketing materials, and equipment. Building a distribution network in overseas markets is significantly more risky than the United States (Yum! Brands 2012). Unknown distributer and freight companies must be chosen by the company to handle these important operational tasks. In the future, Mexican Food Express will be able to establish a strong supply network to minimize the threats faced in international supply chain operations.

Opportunities Based on SWOTT Analysis
The greatest opportunities for Mexican Food Express can be achieved by differentiating the brand from its main competitors. Primary competitors to Mexican Food

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