Strong Start American 's Children Act Of 2015, And The Bill Number

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The title of bill is “Strong Start American’s Children Act of 2015”, and the bill number is H.R.2411. It is a federal bill that was introduced House to implementing high-quality prekindergarten programs for children from low-income families. Departments of Education and of Health and Human Services jointly-administered Preschool Development Grant program to continue their work in expanding access to high-quality prekindergarten programs. Increasing access to high-quality childhood education through local educational agencies and childhood education programs for children to be one of the important educational investments the public can make, providing demonstrated, significant, long-term reductions in the costs of special education, grade retention, welfare, and crime. Early childhood education programs benefit all children and their parents, but particularly those from economically disadvantaged homes, and provide learning opportunities including build knowledge, personal competence, confidence, and a sense of social responsibility. High-quality prekindergarten programs would serve children ages from birth to four and who are from families with incomes at or 200% of the poverty level. The program supported by a state and may apply to use up to 15% of their grant for subgrants to high-quality early childhood education and care programs for infants and toddlers. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education (2016), many…

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