Strong Egos Drive Politics And Strong Ego Tear Apart Political Parties

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Strong egos drive politics and strong ego tear apart political parties. In the Beginning of America as a Nation under the Constitution the dominant group were known as Federalist a word derived from Federal Union - - - a collection of states answering to a Federal / Central government. Sparking arguments was the question of what rights were State rights and what rights were best protected by a Federal / Central Government. The period of 1792 to 1817 represents the growing pains of a new nation and an experiment in government.
The Anti-Federalist were mostly that - - - anti anything the Federalist proposed. Soon this noisy clack cloaked themselves in rhetoric about Republican Values, a vague euphemism for lofty ideas, states rights and minimalistic government. Whenever & Whatever the Federalist proposed was denounced as an attempt to restore the Monarchy, either open collusion with Great Britain, or an American version perhaps with King John Adams handing power to his son which is rather ironic for eventually the son was elected to the Presidency.

Similarities; were in theory both Federalist and Anti--Federalist aka Democratic-Republicans wanted what was best for America. They both wanted to see America become strong and vital. However in the drive to placate egos, Anti-Federalist found an excuse to oppose almost everything that the Federalist proposed. Every time the Federalist proposed raising funds for this project or that the Anti-Federalist would rise in indignation…

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