The Lincoln Electric Company: Building Sustainable Business

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A strong culture is key to building an effective sustainable business. It can dictate productivity, morale, and employee behavior. To create such culture the administration team must initiate appropriate values, attrition, onboarding, and reward systems. Lincoln Electric Company has been the leading model of establishing this desired culture and has been doing it for over a century. Leadership is responsible for representing and implementing the culture of an organization. The Lincoln Electric Company has a rich history of successful leaders who have created a culture that has kept them thriving in business for over a century. In 1906 the founder of the company John Lincoln incorporated his business and started expansion. Most businesses …show more content…
Starting during a depression and restarting after a warehouse fire show a little bit about his determination to make his business succeed. His younger brother James Lincoln soon took over the management side of the company in 1907. James played a big part in creating the culture that still exists at Lincoln Electric today. The Lincoln brothers had their own golden rule that employees must have mutual respect for each person’s importance to get the job done. They also believed that customer deception was the downfall of companies and the focus should be on building the best product in the most efficient way while providing a high quality low cost product to the customer. They believed that customers came first, then employees, and finally stockholders. James implemented the employee elected advisory board. The advisory board still meets with the president every two weeks and brings ideas to benefit the company. These meeting minutes are …show more content…
(OCB’s) By enabling his employees to thrive in the seven common themes of helping behavior, sportsmanship, organizational loyalty, compliance, individual initiative, civic virtue, and self-development the company has had great success. James was able to build a learning organization that was able to constantly improve to help benefit the customers, employees, and stock holders. The example of this culture and how it was built is something that I have learned is essential in contemporary

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