Striving For Gender Equality And Closing The Wage Gap Essay

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Striving for Gender Equality and Closing the Wage Gap

There is gender inequality all over the world, everywhere you look and in everything you do, and is most prominent in the workplace. Peggy Young, a former UPS worker, experienced this unfair treatment first hand, due to her pregnancy, she was no longer able to lift the seventy pounds UPS required of the drivers, so she requested a change in workload. The company declined and put her on an unpaid leave, ultimately leading to a lawsuit. In March of 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in Young’s favor because of the UPS treatment of workers in the past who were hindered physically and were accommodated for so they can still work. Gender bias is everywhere and most prominent in jobs and schools. Many people do not realize how bad the inequality against women is in the workplace so it is very shocking to them when they find out that women only make $.79 to a man’s dollar. In order to prevent this unfair persecution towards women, several changes must be made in order to achieve gender equality and close the wage gap. However, the biggest step is for the Supreme Court to pass a legislature ensuring women be treated equally and fairly in all areas of society especially in the workplace. If men and women are paid equally it will affect the lives of everyone, so it should be a goal that both genders should strive for.

In most cases gender bias and stereotypes in the workplace can be traced back to stereotypes ingrained in…

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