Strictest Parent Essay

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The World’s Strictest Parents
“Few families remain at the optimally functional point indefinitely because of the tension that naturally results from developmental or unpredictable stress” (Shelley, p. 2). Therefore, many parents of teenagers become all too familiar with these natural dysfunctions. On one episode of, The World’s Strictest Parents, two teenagers-Forrest (17) and Daniel (16), are spiraling out of their parent(s)’ control. Both, Forrest and Daniel, regularly party and drink alcohol, Daniel also smokes marijuana. In hopes of helping the disrespectful teens, Forrest and Daniel travel to Holland, where they stay with another family. During their week-long visit, the teens are expected to obey the rules of the family, which whom are
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The parents are big on trust and respect, along with responsibility. “Adapting to change depends on one’s ability to understand the other person’s perspective and to discover the meanings underlying one’s own actions, as well as those of other family members” (Shelley). However, shortly after arriving at the Van Berkels’ home, Forrest and Daniel decide to act like toddlers by throwing Amber’s belongings and undergarments around her room. In addition, neither of the house guests seem to care that they hurt the daughter’s feelings, when she finds her undergarments, along with other personal items around her …show more content…
Forrest and Daniel both agree to follow the family’s rules. The next morning, Forrest and Daniel go to school with other teens their age. There they answer questions and better explain their point of view, to the students. Surprisingly, the students are baffled with the British teens and their outlook on life. The students want to further their education, in order to obtain a good job. After school, the two work together to clean a hotel room. After their work is inspected, the overseer admits that he is impressed with what they had done. Later, the issue arises that Forrest remove her fake nails. She does not want to remove them, so she ends up going into a private room with a nail bar, to have them cut

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