Essay on Stricter Gun Control The Crime Rate

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San Bernardino, California; Charleston, South Carolina; Newtown, Connecticut and Roseburg, Oregon. These cities separated by hundreds of miles all have been visited by a certain tragedy that make them the same. This tragedy is the senseless massacre of its citizens by the use of guns. Many people ask why gun control is something we need and the answer to the question is because it keeps violent and mindless crimes such as these from happening. It has been shown that in many developed countries with stricter gun control the crime rate is much lower than the United States. Examples of these stricter gun control laws ranges from having to be an active member of a regulated shooting club and having to pass an aptitude test to having to pass both a criminal and mental health exam (Donohue). In Australia, after a gunman had killed thirty-five individuals with a firearm law makers decide that the banning a large array of firearms. Nineteen years have passed since then and there has not been a mass shooting (Donohue). Due to the many facets of gun control though, it has become difficult to find a solution that will appease most citizens. Gun control is an issue that has been fiercely debated since the turn of the 20th century in the United States due to various incidents involving gun violence. From random gun murders to the orchestrated massacre of twenty children and six teachers at an elementary school, the response for gun control has been shifting from whether we…

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