Stricter Gun Control Laws Should Not Help Save The Lives Of Americans

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Gun Control

Imagine a world where the people have no say in anything, where we are told what to do, day after day. Well that might be a direction this country heads to if the citizens let the government do as it pleases. The people of the United States have freedoms not seen in any other part of the world but slowly and slowly they are attempted to be yanked from them. A pressing issue on this matter is the ability for the people of this nation to be able to own a firearm or for them to be banned to the public. Well everyone has a say in this. The government rules guns as bad and dangerous for the public due to certain events. The people of this country have right it’s time they get up and fight for them. Stricter gun control laws will not help save the lives of americans.

Some people might go on and about their day not even knowing of this issue and others are deeply pressing for the right to own a gun and others against it. Why are some people so against guns? Is it because they do not want their children exposed to them? Truth of the matter is that will not harm a child. Are they afraid of them? Why fear a gun when you should fear the person holding one. Why are some people so quick to give up a freedom that was given to the country when it was first established? That is something not easily understood. If this is a free country why are the people that are appointed to represent and protect the people trying to disarm and command the people.…

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