Stricter Gun Control In The United States

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“If there is even one thing we can do, if there is just one life we can save we have got an obligation to try.” (Obama, 2013)Gun proponents argue that the constitution guarantees them the right to bear arms. However, firearms are directly linked with the chaos and violent incidents occurring in society nowadays. Although gun proponents claim that guns are necessary for self-defense, gun laws should be more rigorous in order to reduce firearms related deaths and suicides.
Stricter gun control laws are imperative if the government wish to reduce the number of firearms-related deaths. The tireless discussion about gun ownership in this country is always in the spotlight. For instance, in 2000, 30000 people died from firearms injuries in the United States. (Kwon, 2005)The facts are clear, gun
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According to a study by Kellerman and his coworkers in the most populous counties of Tennessee and Washington over a 32-month period suicides committed with firearms made up 56 percent of the sample (Bower, 1992) .Firearms are deadly instruments and therefore if a person is going to a rough time and attempted suicide, if that person has a gun the risk of dying is significantly higher. Likewise, according to the same study two thirds of the suicide victims kept firearms at home, and half possessed handguns (Bower, 1992) .Rigorous gun laws must be implemented because year after year firearms is one of the most used methods for suicides in this country. Something has to change and the government should stop giving guns to the people because no good is coming out of it; just suffering and calamities. “David Klein and coauthors argued that accidental deaths and gun suicides are strongly linked to owning a gun for self-defense.” (Lott, 2001)No matter the reason for carrying a gun, firearms are lethal instruments that at any moments can be the cause of tragedy that could have been

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