Hypertension Case Study Paper

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Case Study #3 Hypertension In this case, study there is an 42 year old African American women who was diagnosed with hypertension. There may be reasoning behind her having this health issue from her daily lifestyle. Hypertension will be explained in complete detail. Signs and symptoms of hypertension will be elaborated on. Most of the time when an individual is diagnosed with a disease, there is something that has lead them up to getting this disease. The factors of how a person can develop hypertension will be talked about as well. When the body is affected by a disease or disorder the system of how the body works will start to change sometimes. This paper will describe how hypertension affects the body system as a whole. The results will be discussed on how hypertension has an effect on the economy. Hypertension comes from having high blood pressure. High blood pressure is from when there is “long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems”, (Mayo clinic, 2015). This disease is found by the amount of blood that the heart is pumping and the flow that the blood has to the arteries. When the heart has to pump more blood to the heart, then the arteries narrow and this can cause …show more content…
High blood pressure can cause heart attacks or strokes if left untreated. The hardening and thickening of the arteries is what leads to the heart attack or stroke according to (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Hypertension can cause the body to develop an aneurysm from having the “blood vessels to weaken and bulge” (Mayo Clinic, 2015). When a person is experiencing high blood pressure then they can have heart failure. The organs may function abnormal due to blood vessels that have narrowed in the kidney area. Hypertension is known for causing eye sight loss because the blood vessels in the eye has thickened or be torn.(Mayo clinic,

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