Stressful For You Essay

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Register to read the introduction… What's stressful for you may be quite different from what's stressful to your best friend, your spouse, or the person next door. For example: • Some people enjoy speaking in public; others are terrified. • Some people are more productive under deadline pressure; others are miserably tense. • Some people are eager to help family and friends through difficult times; others find it very stressful. • Some people feel comfortable complaining about bad service in a restaurant; others find it so difficult to complain that they prefer to suffer in silence. • Some people may feel that changes at work represent a welcome opportunity; others worry about whether they'll be able to cope.
|Nice To Know: |
|Q: Are some people more vulnerable to stress than others? |
|A: Yes. Personality type plays a role in reaction to stress. For example, people who |
|drive themselves hard and are impatient (sometimes called Type A personalities) may be |
|more at risk for stress-related physical problems. Certain occupations, such as law
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4. Chemicals: alcohol and drugs. People may be tempted to take a drink or drugs to deal with stress. It doesn't help. Alcohol may seem to calm you down, but it only masks the symptoms of stress for a while. Excessive alcohol (and drugs) will give you a rebound; you are likely to feel more stressed than ever when the effects wear off.
One or two drinks a day, such as a glass of wine or beer with dinner, usually won't harm you. If you are regularly drinking much more than that, cut down - and if that is hard to do, get some help.
5. Tobacco. People often say that a cigarette "calms their nerves," but tobacco is really a stimulant. If you are afraid that quitting would cause you too much stress, talk to your doctor about prescribing a nicotine patch or gum to help ease the difficulty of withdrawal. Patches or gum work best if you also join a quit-smoking group or use a good self-help program that helps you learn to be a nonsmoker. In the long run, you will become a calmer person if you stop smoking.
For more information about how to stop smoking, go to Smoking: How To Stop.

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