Stress Theory

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The last point that I want to touch on is that many children struggle with feeling neglected because there’s more people in their house and also in their life. “Stress theory hypothesizes that changes, such as divorce, remarriage, relocation or unemployment redefine family roles” (Gennetian, 2005). Stress is hard for children to understand and know how to handle, I know many adults that still don’t understand how to manage their stress levels. Children are not going to understand what stress is and how to make it go away because most children don’t experience anything that would have a high stress impact. Unless there experiencing all the stress that is going on in their household and how much is changing around them because mom or dad got …show more content…
“In both the divorce and remarriage literature, initial investigations of the psychological wholeness position focused primarily on the quality of family relationships defined as interparental conflict” (Borrine, 1991). The definition of interparental conflict is when two parents get into a struggle or disagreement or children and parent disagree ( This article talks about a different way of looking at if children are unhappy at home because of blended family change that has happened. During the research it focused on the interparental conflict that children may see or experience from a parent. The family relationship is a very important key to look at in a family because it will also show if the child is happy with the new parent and if they are getting along. In these situations, are very tricky because any child won’t be okay with someone moving into their life and it changing everything. This method could be used by social workers if they are checking on blended families to make sure that the children are in a good home with parents that care about them. It’s not easy to tell but it’s an issue that children struggle to cope with all the changes that happen during this period in their …show more content…
For children this can cause many problems to accrue the first one is having to form new relationships with siblings & family which isn’t easy to do. Having to become siblings with some because your parents got married is hard because your adding new family to the people that you already now. The second was that children are first struggling in school and second parents aren’t communicating about problems that their child might be having in school because they don’t want to talk to each other. Lastly many children experience neglect from the biological parent as they have to focus on the others in the family. The main problem that children struggle with is the change that accrues while this is

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