Stress : Stress And Stress Essay

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1) What do you think of your score (you don 't have to give the exact number)? Do you think it rated you as higher or lower in stress than how you feel and what aspects of your stress do you think it might have missed?

I was optimistic about doing the stress scale. My score on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale was 195; which is moderate to high chance of becoming ill in the near future. Although, this stress scale tests for stressors, I feel like this stress score is around the ball park of my actual stress because the stress scale asks basic stress causing questions but, I do believe it rated my stress level lower than how I feel. The stress scale asks very general questions, which may or may not give a certain individual stress because everyone is different. I believe it didn’t miss any aspect, covered everything in general but, lacked detail and depth. Also, since I am the one coping with the stress, the number 195 seems a bit low. I have really bad anxiety about most things, so my stress level is usually multiplied by a hundred. A stress scale like this isn’t capable of asking every little thing that causes an individual stress for example, certain classes, public speaking, your job, exams and many more things.

2) Any criticisms of the test in terms of stress that you (or others) may be subjected to that is not included on the assessment?

This stress scale only asked questions about stress that you have to cope with for long term. For example, death, marriage,…

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