Stress, Locus Of Control And Behavior Change Essay

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Part B- Stress, Locus of control and behaviour change 1-Over the past few weeks I have unfortunately fallen ill and was quite sick for several days. This resulted in stress for myself as I fell behind on some of my coursework and exercise for the week. Other major stressors that I am dealing with at the moment would be wether I want to change my university course/ will I be able to? As well as trying to fit in enough time to see my friends, exercise and stay on top of university work this all gets quite demanding.
2-Some strategies that I utilise when I am feeling stressed are: Coping strategy 1- Suppression of competing activities: In order to catch up with schoolwork, I tend to push all my other commitments back wether they be exercise or socialising, these tend to be left alone for a few hours while I focus on the task at hand, I had to use this coping strategy last week when I had several lectures that I needed to watch as I dropped everything else and completed those lectures. Coping strategy 2- Denial: A coping strategy that I am not fond to admit too is electing to deny that the upcoming task on my hand is important or that I will have enough time to complete the task. I tend to do this when I have an assignment coming up and I perceive the due date as further away then it actually is. Coping strategy 3- Mental Disengagement: Another massive plot hole that I find myself in when trying to study is procrastinating. After I sit myself down and start to study or…

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