Stress Is Not For Young People Essay

993 Words Sep 20th, 2016 4 Pages
There are many stresses that we face every day in our daily lives, such as physical and emotional. For example, we stress about our love, economy, and grades. Stressing can lead to long-term brain damage. It can lead to disability. For instance, if you think about something too much, then you start worrying about the outcome of what is going to happen. Many people do not think about the income; they only think about the outcome. What really hurts them the most is the outcome. Some people think that stress is not for young people. The reality is that stress has no age. Anybody that thinks hard might be stressing about something that they cannot talk about. There are different levels of stress.
Physical stress causes brain damage. For example, people in Afghanistan lost their sleep because their lives are being in danger. In Afghanistan there’s always a war. Every day, hundreds of people are being killed due to suicide bombers and bombs going off on streets, leaving many dead bodies on streets. Also looking at dead bodies it affects you mentally and physically. Mentally it can break you down and leave you with stress. Now that stress can kill you if you don’t take care of it. In Afghanistan a lot of teenagers are not attending school because they are scared for their lives. Teenagers think that if they attend school then they might die in class rooms. For instances, when I had traveled back to Afghanistan I was stressed because going to Afghanistan it can be very dangerous…

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