Essay on Stress Is Experienced By Everyone, Everyday Stress

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Stress is experienced by everyone, everyday. Stress is inescapable. No matter what age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status there is stress. Although stress itself is difficult to define and is often criticized being to broad or vague. Prevailing definitions of stress tend to focus on the, “environmental circumstances or conditions that threaten, challenge, exceed, or harm the psychological or biological capacities of the individual” (Grant et al., 2003, p. 448). Adolescence, in general, is a “period of heightened anxiety and stress” (Walker, 2002, p. 24). When looking specifically at what causes adolescent stress every day, it is likely to find that not only is schoolwork a major cause, but also that difficulty in relationships with significant others, friends, family members, chores, peer pressure, body dissatisfaction, weight, and acne are all considered what is called daily stressors (Low et al., 2012; McHale et al., 2012; Murray, Rieger, & Byrne, 2013). Adolescents also experience stressful life events which include parental divorce, becoming part of a newly blended family, moving homes, and changing schools (Low et al., 2012). Such stressors do not occur as regularly as daily stressors, but when they do occur they often cause the adolescent a large amount of stress. The most stressful events for adolescents to experience are also the least likely to occur and those are severe traumatic events such as physical abuse, assault, and rape (Low et al., 2012).…

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