Stress Is A Growing Public Health Concern Essay

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Stress is a growing public health concern in Canada, affecting individuals of all ages, genders and circumstances both mentally and physically. From a physicist’s perspective, the term ‘stress’ is defined as an applied force or pressure exerted onto a body (). However, in terms of psychology, stress is looked upon as the reaction or response to a demanding environmental stimulus that disrupts and threatens an organism’s mental or physical equilibrium ().Weather stressors are associated with ostensible insalubrious consequences which are solely dependent on how the organism appraises it or how the mind construes them. However, the inability of an individual to successfully cope with stress leads to a cascade of direct and indirect links to physiological illnesses. Anxiety and depression are primary examples of direct illnesses, whereas, indirect links include, poor dietary and sleeping habits, excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol or cigarettes and lack of exercise, where the consequences can include damage to the liver and the immune system. Learning to recognize stressors gives an individual the ability to eradicate the causes of stress and alleviate its effects. Coping with stress is defined as a sum of behavioral and cognitive exertions, which aim to manage internal or external demands caused by stressors (). Therefore the purpose of this essay is to investigate stress management, stress reduction and relief techniques to propose my own study to explore ways to reduce…

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