Stress In The Classroom Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The teacher will use specific learning strategies that are effective for boy’s learning needs. For example, boys respond better to louder voices, brighter lights, and they need the ability to get up and exert energy when needed. Lesson will be focused around these needs to accommodate their learning styles. The lesson will also be presented in a faster pace and they will use multiple learning activities to keep their interests. Scaffolding will be used so students will be able to see how each concept builds upon the next one. For example, the teacher will start the lesson by teacher integers. Once this concept is mastered, the teacher will move on to one and two step equations. If students show they have mastered the equations the teacher will continue to challenge the boys by introducing reciprocals and combining like-terms. This type of intervention will teach students the concepts and knowledge needed for success at the next level. A student-centered learning environment, that includes collaborative learning and key concepts that build on one another, will relieve the boys of the continuous repetition of one skill that is required in a direct instruction method. Boys often become bored and exhausted when they spend extended periods of time within the same concept many repetitions of the same lessons will only frustrate them. After each lesson progress …show more content…
The school that the study took place in was located in Zion, IL. It is a diverse community of learners with approximately 600 students in the middle school call Central Junior High. The school is a co-educational school that employs a team concept. Every instructor values their student’s achievements and they participate in regular studies that may demonstrate higher academic success for their students. The 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Smith agreed to try this study and was optimistic about the introduction of the concept of single gender classes for boys. Central Junior High is a perfect location for this study because it is a multicultural school located in a rural area. The classroom is located on the second floor and provides seating for twenty four students. It provides adequate space for the boys so they can move around the room and be active during their lessons. Space is an important requirement because they learn through movement of their hands and bodies. Visual learning is also one of boy’s strongest senses so this classroom provides ample lighting that is needed for the

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