Stress And Anxiety: A Case Study

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Two conditions client struggles to manage in her daily life are stress and anxiety. Due to the prevalence of these conditions she experiences asthmatic symptoms such as trouble breathing. The major effect of these symptoms in her life is an almost constant thought about her breaths. While breathing is typically considered an automatic process of the body that should be effortless, she finds that she tends to rate her breathing and has excessive worries about the quality of her breaths. The client would like to reduce her experience of asthmatic breathing by managing her anxiety.
The client also has trouble managing the stress she experiences due to school, work, and social commitments. She knows that stress can result from many reasons and that it can often lead to higher levels of anxiety. Therefore, she has decided to focus more so on her levels of anxiety and the difficulty she experiences with breathing.
Due to the rather large role anxiety plays in the client’s life, she has decided to bring attention to it through the APIE process. The client hopes that by educating herself on anxiety and its effects on her life as well as learning new ways to manage her anxiety, she will be better able to overcome her breathing difficulties and decrease the amount of worry she has concerning her breathing.
Her hope is that by increasing her ability to
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The scoring scale ranged from 0-5 (no anxiety), 6-22 (mild to little anxiety), 23-37 (moderate anxiety), and finally, 38 and up (severe anxiety). This assessment was based on the individuals personal thoughts and ideas concerning anxiety over the past month and was rated according to the frequency of these thoughts (usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never). On this assessment she scored a 16 overall. This score placed her within the mild to little anxiety

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