Stress And Stress On A Person 's Psychological And Mental Health

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Stress is something that we experience through forces in the environment. Although we sometimes see stress as something harmful, stress is just a response that helps us deal with all of life’s difficulties and prepare us for action. Not all stress is bad, and in many cases, it is necessary to perform. Stress can arise from outside and inside sources, such as conflict, harm, loss, challenge, or frustration. Stress can have effects on a person’s psychological and mental health. Stress is handled differently by everyone no two people cope with stress the same way. There is an interaction among events in the environment, how we perceive those events, and the resources we must deal with the stress going through different things can show you the amount of stress we can handle and what experiences we will go through while stress is involved. There are two major types of stress, there is stress that is short-lived which can be considered acute stress and there is stress that is persist for longer periods of time which is considered chronic. Other stress factors can be physical stressors, which can be caused by changes in nutrition, body temperature, oxygen level, or injury. These stressors can come from which life events such as academic standards, loss of employment, mortgages/rent, bills, or troubles in relationships between parents and child or even man and woman, or even new surrounding or new locations.
In the 1960s, two psychiatrists, Richard Rahe and Thomas…

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