Stress And Its Effects On Society Essay

1852 Words Sep 29th, 2015 8 Pages
In today’s society, stress is a commonly used word that people tend to associate with life. However, many people have different meanings of the word stress. For some, stress has a positive definition and for others stress has a negative one. Stress occurs in everyday life with any and every person on earth, whether it is positive or negative. Holinka (2015) exclaimed,
Knowing the exact meaning of what stress is, is very complex. The actual meaning changes from person to person due to one 's emotions and how they view a situation. College students in particular have a wide variety of stress factors. With stress factors, emotions can over load from excitement to downright terror, according to the individual and how they have learned to balance and handle their emotions in these stressful situations. Stress is, in essence, how each individual copes with life’s experiences and how they adapt to the volume of emotions that comes along with them. In life, there are so many events that occur that can cause people to become stressed. “Did you know that stress can be a motivating factor for up to ten percent of male and female college athletes (Lancaster, 2011)?” Student athletes, for example, have an abundant amount of events going on in their daily lives that may result in them being stressed. A student athlete is put under numerous amounts of pressure on a daily basis. They are concerned with meeting standards on top of performing their best every day. In other words, a student…

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