Stress And Its Effects On People Essay example

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Introduction Everyone has stress in some form or another, and some people have more stress than others. Stress is how a person perceives and deals with issues and tasks in their lives (Myers, 2015). Everyone deals with stress in different ways and some cope better than others. Psychologists like to study stress because of the wide dynamic of effects it has on people physically and emotionally. Stress is connected to many aspects of life which results in a lot of data to research (Myers, 2015). Stress plays a large role in my life right now. I was able to ease a large part of my stress by eliminating the debt we had. I thought that would help to change our lives for the better. Then my husband was hurt at work, a job he had for over 17 years. He lost his job and still cannot work. We are fighting in a workman’s compensation case to get him the medical treatment he needs. So, I am glad we paid off our debt, because it would have been one more thing to worry about. I was a stay at home mom, and we had to sell our house and move across country. I thought we could stay with my dad while working out my husband’s medical, that did not last for long. So now I am trying to find a job, only to discover that the pay rate is very low. I have to find a job that will pay enough for rent, food, utilities, and medical insurance for myself, daughter and husband. To deal with the stress, I try not to think of my situation as it really is, and I keep looking to the future and…

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