Stress And Coping Case Study

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Dan is an individual suffering from low self esteem and anxiety. While, this personal baggage has been with him for most of his life, it has recently heightened with the loss of his job. Dan’s main anxieties lie with the uncertainty of the wellbeing of his family now that his income is gone. His consistent self blaming has led to a neglection of his own basic needs such as eating and sleeping. As a social worker in a professional role, I will approach Dan’s situation using the ‘Humanistic perspective of personality’ and also the topic of ‘Stress and Coping.’ An appropriate response shall be made using key ideas from each of the psychological topics.

The personality is a unique set of traits, as the deposition to behave in a certain way. Exhibited
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There are two main forms of stress. When threatening events have a clear end point, these are Acute stressors. If a threatening event is long term or has an unclear time frame it is a Chronic stressor. These sources of stress can form from Frustration, Change, Pressure and Internal Conflict (Weiten, Hammer, Dunn, 2011). Humans cope through stress in Emotional, Physiological and Behavioural efforts. Emotional responses are generally negative and if strong enough can hamper our ability to cope with stress. Physiological are physical responses to a situation including arousal and hormone changes. Behavioural Responses are our coping efforts and can be both positive or negative methods. Specifically, negative coping patterns include giving up, acting aggressively, indulging ,blaming youself or using defensive coping. The way we cope with stress will affect our physical and mental health. If the individuals efforts to deal with stress is unhealthy, it will affect their emotions, ability to perform tasks adequatley or engage in cognitive thinking. Negative coping methods can also create psychological problems and disorders and become catalysts to physical illnesses and …show more content…
Using these ideas as a basis of recommendation I could approach Dan’s case through a variety of different efforts. Dan has already confronted his issues and put forward his emotions in attending proffessional help. As a social worker now, I will use Appraisal-focused strategies to help him manage and recognize sources of his stress. The main source of stress is anxiety and low self-esteem. The roots of Ellis’s ‘catastrophic thinking’ comes from unrealitsic expectations and irrational assumptions Dan has about himself ( Abrams &Ellis, 1994). Dan’s situation is obviously not his fault as it was completely out of his control. It is important for this to be emphasised so he is released from his family pressure. Positive reinterpretaion is also necessary and could be in form of a better job or a new start. Detecting and disputing negative self talk in his comments such as “…I’m such a failure”, should also be enforced. Emotional coping could be another focus strategy for Dan to gain abilities to se ehow his emotions affect his thinking and esteem. Help-seeking from family and friends and creating problem-focused strategies may reduce anxiety so he does not feel isolated. To reduce distress and increase his emotional control, recommendations of engagement in physical activity such as exercise or hobbies could be made. It is important as a Social Worker

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