Stress And Coping And A Humanist Perspective Essay

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I am working as a social worker at an organization where Dan has come in showing signs of distress, unpacking further he expresses his concerns for his families wellbeing as well as his own. Dan mentions he also has trouble with anxiety and low self esteem, and has been suffering from sleeping and eating troubles. It appears Dan may in need of some support, but it is important to unpack and get an greater understanding from different perspectives. In this essay I am looking at stress and coping and a humanist perspective in relation to Dan. I will also then suggest recommendations for each perspective. Dan is showing signs of experiencing stress. Stress refers to any circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten one’s wellbeing and thereby tax ones coping abilities. Selye (1946) was the first to research the phases that the body goes through when in threat. The general adaptation syndrome explains the body goes through three stages. First stage is the alarm reaction, the second stage is resistance. If the stress is continuous the body builds up tolerance to its effects. The third stage is exhaustion. Stress can develop into illness as ulcers, heart problems and high blood pressure. Some researchers suggested stress as a stimulus event and others a response of physiological arousal and the cureent consensus among researches is that stress is neither a stimulus nor response but that of a special stimulus-response transation in which one feels threatened or…

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