Urban Analysis: Habraken-SAR Technique

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Reflection essay
Habraken – SAR method of analysis
This method of urban analysis looks at the tissue or an urban fabric in two major components, namely buildings and spaces. So a complex tissue is analyzed by looking at it in terms of buildings and spaces. These buildings and spaces are further seen as either thematic or non thematic. When spaces or buildings follow certain rules which repeats itself to form a tissue, then those buildings and space are termed as thematic spaces. Those spaces or buildings which are not a part of these rules are then termed as non-thematic spaces. Once these spaces are indentified in the tissue, the method tries to present it in form of a schematic diagram. This makes it easy to represent and understand
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But the public buildings rarely follow the same rule as functions keep on changing for each of the buildings and hence can be a part of the non-thematic buildings. Hence we can very easily spate out the public and private buildings and how they related with each other in the whole tissue or any urban …show more content…
This might not always bring out the most essential character of the tissue, as we are not getting into details of anything. As we divide our buildings or spaces into two only two themes we miss out on certain special building or spaces which could actually be a key factor in the character of the urban fabric. This method only gives an overview of any tissue, as we don’t go into the details of any of the spaces or the buildings. Even when we look at the thematic spaces and buildings, all we study is the basic dimensions and the basic form of the space or the buildings. We never look at it in terms of the quality of those buildings and spaces. There are only two scales at which the study is done. We never zoom further in or out of the tissue. So when we talk about the thematic buildings, we only look at a small diagrammatic plan of the building. But we never zoom in further to understand in detail the typology of the building or the construction method or the quality of spaces inside the buildings. So we not just restrict ourselves by putting most of the buildings into one theme but we also restrict ourselves by looking at it at just one

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