Strengths And Weaknesses Of Yuengling

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Register to read the introduction… A) Although Yuengling has great strengths there still are still weaknesses that need attention. One of the weaknesses comes along with one of its major strengths, which is the absence of stock options. Because Yuengling is a privately owned company it does not issue any type of stock. I believe that Yuengling is missing out on a large asset gain by not issuing stock.
B) The next weakness would be the area of sales. Yuengling only sells in 14 different states. This is a weakness because they are not reaching out to all potential customers. It is understandable that the CEO wants to strategically expand one brewery at a time, but if they where to expand by accepting customers from other states and simply shipping the beer over instead of opening up a brewery, they can increase sales at the same time not waste money on the opening and operating a newly formed brewery.
C) Another main weakness is their ability to keep up with demand. Because they only have two main breweries, if the demand for Yuengling beer increases to a higher level the two breweries might not be able to keep up in production. They are limiting their sales by not expanding at a faster rate.
D) Yuengling is known to be sold exclusively in the United states. The reason for this is, again the CEO’s marketing
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So they created a non alcoholic drink that provided the drinker with “energy”. I think this a perfect untapped market for Yuengling. Recently there was a drink created called Four loko it was a hit, energy with alcohol (dangerous mix) but the public loved it. The reason Four loko failed it because of high health risks associated with four loko. If Yuengling found a way to create an energy drink that can be consumed with alcohol then not only will they be able to put a brand new product into the market but they will be the first to create a beer that the has a energetic kick to

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