Strengths And Weaknesses Of William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo like Juliet and the Friar has many strengths and weaknesses that he shows throughout the play. First of all it is obvious that Romeo is in love and all he wants is love. However Romeo being in love can be a bad thing because the woman he is in love with is supposed to be an adversary. “Oh me! What a fray was here? Yet tell me not, for I have heard it all. Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love” (Shakespeare 776). From this quote it is obvious Romeo is in love even though the play has not advanced enough yet to know Romeo is in love with Juliet and not Rosaline. Whoever Romeo is in love with he should get to know first because it could put him in a bad situation. Another bad characteristic of Romeo’s is his bravery. Surprisingly this trait is not in his favor. There are many instances throughout the play where his braveness causes him misfortune. For example one time Romeo snuck into the Capulet garden just to get a glimpse of Juliet after the party. If Romeo had been caught it would not have ended well.
Like all characters Romeo does have good qualities. He is intelligent. Romeo is very smart especially if it helps him be with Juliet. Romeo’s cleverness was seen when he made a plan for Juliet to be with him. His plan included Juliet climbing a ladder and fake going to confession just to be with him. Another good character trait of Romeo would be his fearlessness. As before his bravery could at times cause him trouble, and so could his fearlessness. Even…

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