Strengths And Weaknesses Of Whole Food Market Essay

823 Words Dec 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Whole Food Market has many strengths in which they need to continue to focus in order for to keep a competitive edge in these areas. “Strengths include those things that the company does better than its competition; strengths are also what make the company stand out and form the basis for its competition.” (O’Farrell, 2015) One of the biggest strengths that Whole Food Market has is that they offers their customer’s a broad range of product offerings such as providing perishable food items that appeal to the natural and organic foods. They offer their customer’s a wide product line from seafood, grocery, meat, and poultry to various bakery items. With the wide range of products at their stores, Whole Food Market still offers a high quality of standard natural and organic products in all of their stores in order to provide healthy eating options to their customers. This company has a couple of weaknesses in which they will need to make improvements or changes to in order to fix these issues. “The weaknesses segment contains needed improvements within an organization.’ (Colbert, 2015) One of their biggest weaknesses is that some of their food products are highly priced compared to their competitors’ prices. Whole Food Market needs to stay competitive in order to keep their company profitable especially in an economic downfall. During an economic downfall customers are looking for ways to save money and will take their business to a store that is offering the same product for…

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