Essay about Strengths And Weaknesses Of Twitter

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Twitter Case
One of Twitter’s biggest strengths is its large market share. It has approximately 310 million active users. 37% of all Twitter users are aged 18-29, which means their key demographics are young adults. A fourth of their market comes from those aged 30 to 49 (Fontein, Dee 2016). I can assume that high percentage of older users doesn’t come from middle aged adults looking up Twitter memes. This highlights another strength of Twitter, which has been its ability to update breaking stories in real time. Twitter is not only for entertainment; it is also used as a powerful news source. Popular news sites are able to quickly post stories and news as they happen. The 140 character limit is appealing in that a news site can release the quick facts about a story, without the reader having to wait until an entire article is published or have to read through two pages of story. Twitter emphasizes succinctness, which can be interpreted as another strength. Several people enjoy the 140 character limit. When Twitter considered changing the character limit to 10,000, there was a huge outcry from its users (Paul, John 2016). The final huge strength of Twitter is branding. Celebrities and companies alike are able to create online personas for fans to interact with.
The biggest weaknesses for Twitter are the numbers that come from an analysis of user pages. 1.3 billion accounts have ever been created. Yet there are only 310 monthly users. Twitter must find…

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